kcet second round choice filling 2023 link released by kea fill choice here now

in the journey toward pursuing higher education, one of the critical milestones for students is the Karnataka Common Entrance Test (KCET). With the evolution of education and growing aspirations, KCET has become more than just an entrance exam – it’s a gateway to a brighter future. In this article students get information about kcet second round choice filling 2023 so read the complete article.

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kcet second round choice filling 2023

Understanding KCET second round Choice Filling 2023

The Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) seat allotment process is completely changed for the academic year 2023 -24 this year kea has given combined option entry for All medical, Engineering, and other courses in a single option entry portals so that candidates can make option entry based upon their courses and ranks they can make courses wise and college wise option entry to all the courses simultaneously  

How many types of kcet second round choice filling in kcet

Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA) has given four choices for the seat allotted to candidates in the kcet counseling process. The different meanings of choice are given below using these choices candidates can select any one choice in the kcet counseling process 

what is choice 1 in kcet counseling 2023

Choice 1 – If you select choice 1, it simply means that you are happy with the allotted college and also the branch and hence you would like to take admission in the allotted seat. If you select choice 1, you have to take admission in the mentioned seat (The seat allotted to you in that respective round) and you must pay the fee and report to the respective college. You cannot participate in further counseling rounds if you’ve selected choice 1.

What is choice 2 in kcet counselling

Choice 2 – If you are satisfied with the college but are looking for an upgrade, by choosing choice 2 you won’t lose the allotted seat in the first round, that particular seat will be on hold and the system will try and look for a better college or branch, in the second round. 

what is choice 3 in kcet counseling

Choice 3 – If you select choice 3, your allotted seat will be canceled and you will move to Round 2 where the system will try and allot you a seat that is above the already allotted seat, By above I mean the colleges and branches that you’ve entered above the allotted college in option entry.

what is choice 4 in kcet counseling

Choice 4 – By selecting choice 4, you are giving permission to the system that is completely left from UGCET counseling and you will neither be able to participate in further rounds nor will you get the allotted seat.

How to find kcet second round Choice filling link 2023

The kcet choice filling link is activated after the second  round of seat allotment result that is expected to be released on 04/09/2023 after 6:00 PM  and candidates can follow the below step to fill out the choice entry 

  • Candidates visit the official website kea.kar.nic.in 
  • In the home section you can see Admission Click on it
  • In the admission section users can see “UGCET” and click on it
  • In the UGCET section you can search the choice entry link and click on it
  • Use your credentials like “username” and “Passwords” and submit it
  • Enter your choices in the choices entry portal

kcet second round choice filling direct link 2023

Schedule Time line Important links
kcet first mock allotment result 2023
expected to release on 11/08/2023 after 6:00 PM
kcet second round seat allotment result 2023
expected to release on 07/09/2023 after 6:00 PM
kcet second choice filling link 2023
to release on 08/09/2023 after 1:00 PM to 10/09/2023

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: When does the KCET choice filling process for 2023 start?
A: The choice filling process usually begins shortly after the KCET results are announced. and kcet first round result is announcing on 16/08/2023 after 6:00 PM

Q: Can I change my choices after the initial submission?
A: Yes, there is usually a window for editing and modifying your choices. However, once the deadline passes, changes may not be possible.

Q: Is choice filling the final step to secure admission?
A: No, choice filling is followed by seat allotment rounds based on your preferences and ranks. After seat allotment, you need to complete the admission formalities.

Q: How many choices can I fill in KCET?
Q: out of four choices you can fill in any one choice. Refer to the official KCET information brochure for specific details.

Q: What if I miss the choice filling deadline?
A: Missing the choice filling deadline may result in you not being considered for seat allotment. It’s crucial to adhere to the given timelines.

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